Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I think it's time for a new post.  I have been very... DISTRACTED the past couple weeks.  Writing a book, cooking, keeping up with my studies, Christmas shopping, and then the occasional eat, sleep, drink.
I am currently shooting a video right now.  I think it'll be done by tomorrow at some point.
I have something to say about this month.
I don't want it to be Christmas if its going to be flibbin' forty-eight degrees out!  This is Maine for goodness sake.
Oops, I meant Paris.
Well, better get back to filming.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm bringing sexy back.

Mmm, yes. So today I was hanging around the house.
is what happened a few days ago, why I havn't been blogging recently.
He is 3 1/2 years old, named MAL.  He's completely BLACK. With green eyes.
Aight, KPeers.
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Sunday, November 6, 2011


Today I am going to be getting a black cat.
Yes, I know that's dangerous.
We're driving all the way to VERMONT. A four hour drive.
Fun eh?
We're embarking right now.

I mean, more appropriately,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

One down, Three to go.

I've recently finished Twilight. The Turkey is in the oven for tonight's family dinner, and I'm moving on.
New Moon has a few interesting aspects about it.  First, there's the back. Quote.
"I knew we were both in mortal danger.
Still, in that instant, I felt well.  Whole.
I could feel my heart racing in my chest,
the blood pulsing hot and fast through my veins again.
My lungs filled deep with the sweet scent that came off his akin.
It was like there had never been any hole in my chest.
I was perfect --- not healed, but as if
there had never been a wound in the first place."
Well now.
If THAT didn't invite you in then you must hate puppies and the whole spectrum of human emotion.
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Some of you may be aware that I am going to see Breaking Dawn on Nov. 17! WOOT WOOT.
So I have embarked on a journey to take me to lands far beyond imagination.
Not really though, I'm not going to be venturing much farther than my living room couch snuggled up with hot cocoa desperately filling my head with information about the wonderful world THAT I DON'T LIVE IN.
C'mon, everybody gets caught up in the moment.  So what I'm fearlessly ranting on about is the Twilight Saga.
I said it right.
I'm reading ALL the Twilight books before I see Breaking Dawn.  Ambitious, yes.  Realistic... Of course not.
Comments? I want some.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Tonight I made itilian risotto.
Fine, it was from a package.
I also made "English Muffins Pizzas" with pepperoni, orange pepper and tomato topping.  After I made dinner for Mom (the Risotto) I looked into getting a ticket for Breaking Dawn; Part One, and my Mom said I could go.  WOOHOO!

I'm rereading Twilight because I kinda crapped out on it the first time, I watched the movie when I was in the middle of the book. Agh!

Starting the book now, Wish me luck!


Sunday, October 30, 2011


I know, I'm not too good with keeping up with this blog.
*did I say that right?*
I feel weird...
Like I can't focus on the words on this screen.
I'm texting with my BESTFRIEND EVAAAA Skye!!! *a flurry of little PINK hearts!*
I misss herrrrrr.......
I havn't seen her in FOREVER because she company at her house for a couple weeks and wants to spend
time with them instead, which is okay, it's her family, they come first.
So today is the day before Halloween.
Hrrmph Hrrrmph.
Who's dressing up as what?  I'm going to a be a Kirby.  That's right. Like a boss.
I'm going trick-or-treating with my brother his wife, and their son.  Landon, their son is going to dress up like an indian.  I've already seen his costume.  It is adorable. 
So this weekend, I've been at my "Adopted Grandparent's" house for a sleepover.  They have me over ever now and then and this time is what my grandfathers birthday, How 'bout them apples!
We went to a Harvest Supper at the church and I learned how to make 45 Minute Tangliari (I'm not sure if I spelt that right) from my grandmother.  On saturday (the 29th, Snibb's [My grandfathers nickname] birthday) we went to Reny's and hiked a mountain, it wasn't a very long hike, maybe a half a mile up and half a mile down (Maybe not even that).  At Reny's I got a pair of pajama bottoms and a winter hat that is wool and matches my navy blue peacoat.  On saturday night, my tummy got real happy at the church supper.  When we left the supper, the snow was starting up, it was realy hard to see the road in some places.  It was nice and wintery/cozy being in the car, safe from the cold and snow.  I snuggled on the couch with the dog in my new pajamas, and Snibb and my grandmother (I'm protecting identities) soon joined the dog and I.  We watched a show on the Food channel called Halloween Wars.  It is basically a baking show, nothing spesh.  But the things they made turned out to be so incredible!  They used cake, moulding chocolate, pulled sugar, cake, and A LOT more.  They make some amazing things there.  I was happy to see the team that I wanted to win, won.  Team Bling Bats.  They were just so creative, and they had a fantastic pumpkin carver, and they worked together so seamlessly that everything they made, even if it didn't seem like it would turn out good, just looked perfect.
So we watched Halloween Wars and then the power went off in the last episode of the one contest!  The one where they name the winner!  Fortunatly, they own a generator, and we turned it on long enough to finish the show, turn all the lights and things off (so that if the power came back on at night we wouldn't have all these things on and waking us up!  The generator went off and up we went to bed with our flashlights.  I slept upstairs in my room and they recently moved their room downstairs, so they (clearly) slept downstairs!  On our beds we use heated blankets, but when the power went out, yikes.  Doesn't look like we can use the heated blanket!  So we broke out extra blankets, and got under the covers.
In the morning, I woke up and I looked at the clock... Hmmph, I'm up too early, Huh wait, what? The clock is working!  The power was back on!  I got up and went downstairs for breakfest.  We had gotten eleven inches of snow!  I was pleased, but Snibb was not.  He did not like snow.  I had breakfest and watched the news with Harvey, we decided not to go to church because the roads were not too good.  So I hung around the house watching TV, playing with the dog.  Looking at pictures.  The usual bored stuff.  Snibb went out to plow the snow with the snow plow (duh) and I slumped down in a chair.  Regretting my decision to NOT bring snowpants.  The dog put its front legs on my lap and looked sincerly into my eyes.
"I think Lily needs to go Out"
I got my heavy-duty sweatpants on over my pajamas, then my peacoat over a sweatshirt, and my new hat.  I had brought boots that were pretty rugged, they could take a beating.  I trudged throught the snow, braving a harsh winter storm (haha OWLCITY<3).  I carried Lily to the garage (it's all open, and all dirt) and she did her business in there.  Then Snibb took care of Lily's business.
I didn't care how cold it was, I jumped in the snow with my sweatpants and pajamas.  Surprisingly, the sweatpants held off the snow and my pajamas were not even wet.  I built a little snowman, and headed inside for some dessert :)
Later we had breakfest for lunch (tradition) and we the roads were good enough for me to go home at the planned time.  It was hard saying good-bye but I'll see them again soon!
Until next time KPeers.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Why am I up at 2:00 in the morning? Because I'm an idiot. 
I've been awake for about 15 minutes, reliving every zombie scenario, movie, face, show and refreshing scary faces in my mind.
So of course.
I've come to my blog for help.
I may not be getting a Halloween pumkin this year because I'm going to be gone Saturday (two days before Hallow's Eve) and half of Sunday, the 30th.  I'll probably have Skye over all day Monday to finish our
Halloween Costumes, and pumpkins (if we were to buy one, possibly friday).
I'm laying in my bed and I swear I can hear cabinets shutting downstairs.  I'm NOT going down there.  It's just a set-up, I'll creep out of my warm, safe bed to find someTHING downstairs.  And then I'll pee my pants...

Français Omelette

Today, I made Julia's French Omelet, or shall we say it in french?
Français Omelette.
Mais oui!
So yesterday morning I went with my mom to her office (a doctors office, she used to work there, but the doctor retired) because she had to copy some charts for patients who waited until the last minute to do this... GAH!
But it worked out! After that Mom and I went to Michaels to look for things to hold up my Halloween costume. Well, costumeS. Skye and I's, the wire she bought to hold it up is not working. So I asked my sister-in-law to help and she gave a couple great ideas, I think I'm going to use the cardboard idea.
At Michaels I also got a very pretty colored blue yarn, and a pattern book.  The book is named More Cute Little Animals (There was a first one, but Mom said I could only get one, I thought the second one was cuter, and Mom agreed)! 
Ok.  Official statement of Weird.
I LOVE Michael's shopping carts.  They are so small and cute, and.. Oh you can really zip around that store with them.
I've started a crochet project but I'm not to share with you until I'm finished, then I'll post a picture of the completed figure.
Yesterday I made a DELICIOUS Chocolate Raspberry Torte.  Mmm, Mmm, MMMMMM!  SO good.  I think I'll post the recipe, shall I?  Leave your response below!

Today I watched my little nephew.  Approx. 18 months.  My sister-in-law (his Mom, the same one I mentioned earlier) had to go to a doctors appointment, and she couldn't bring him.  But it was OK that I watched him for I go some work done while he was napping.  When he woke up, he was so happy to see me.  I loved playing with him, I made a French Omlet and he loved it, he was especially fascinated with my flipping of the egg, by flicking the pan up and the half cooked egg flying through the air and back into the black no-stick pan.
Well folks,  I think it's time to hit the hay.
You know, I've never really undestood that expression... I know that in the "Olden Days" (Sonny!) the villagers slept on bails of hay, but why take your anger out on it... Hitting?  Maybe it suggests your weight flopping onto the hay, hitting it with the force of gravity.
Questions? Yes.
Answers? I want some.

Friday, October 21, 2011

October 21, 2011... Holy schnipt.

Hey KPeers.
Today was a CRAZAAAY day.
In the morning I had Skye over from dawn 'till noon, I woke up before her, and since she slept in a portable bed, I didn't wake her up when I got up.  I got up and put on my blue snuggly bathrobe, it was soft and furry, not like a towel, I was still wearing the black legging shorts and a shirt that Skye gave me, it was blue and 3/4th length arms, and V-Neck.  Anyhow, I went downstairs and did my Homeschool work for the day.  Then I made waffles for breakfast, assuming Skye would be awake by the time I'm done, or I would wake her up.  I was putting reg. syrup and sugar free syrup (mine) on the table when she woke up.  I smiled at her and said "Morning!  How'd ya sleep!" with a cup of tea in my hand.  We ate the waffles with *sugar free syrup, sugar free blueberries, waffle (obvs:p) and whipped cream (with sugar!)* (<- K's) *syrup, sugar free blueberries , waffle, and whipped cream* (<- Skye's). My Mom then left for work and Skye and I cleaned up, Skye started her schoolwork, and almost finished it, I made a apple pie and put it in the oven.  Skye said she would finish her reading on our picnic.  We went to our "SPECIAL" place in the woods behind my house.  My grandmother own some 40+ acres, and we bought a small section of her land to build our house when we left Limerick, Maine.  She lives next to us.  Back to the blog. Our special spot is a little spot (obvs), just big enough to fit a picnic blanket (or lack thereof, we used a Winnie The Pooh throw-over blanket), and from there you can see down into a valley(ish) that is rather small and probably only 50ft high in total.  In our special spot (I really don't want to keep writing Special Spot, so let's call the Special Spot [even though I just said it... twice] the Spesh Shpot.  Yeah I like that) there are three oak/pine trees surrounding the spot. In the south and west!  The Spesh Shpot now features a little tent made out of sticks, in between the two south trees.  It's not very spacious, but it's cute.  You can see right down into the valley at our Spesh Shpot because the Spesh Shpot is on the high ground above the valley.  It was very beautiful when there was a lot of foliage out.  I took videos but I lost my camera cord so I can't upload yet!  I love the Spesh Shpot.  So when we came back to my house, the pie was done, and my brother took it out of the oven when it needed to be, just like I asked him. Good!  Skye got picked up and embarked on journey to who-knows-where visiting her dad at his business trip for a couple days. So I was left alone to do cooking for tonight, when we were going to have a family dinner, at 5:00 pm.  It succeeded and I got frustrated a lot (and almost threw a spoon at my cat).  So I am risking (as Julie Powell said) "My cat's well-being." Except she said a lot of other stuff too, but that is the only part that is relevant to my situation! So it will have to do.  Speaking of which! I've recently watched 'Julie and Julia' in which Julie Powell wrote a book on her internet blogging experience of 524 recipes in 364 days.  Cooking through Julia's cookbook, 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking.' That's where I got my inspiration for writing this blog.  Oh believe me, I KNOW I'm not going to do anything as heroic or creative (or daring [those lobsters are dangerous!]) as Julie Powell, but I can still project my feelings through this weird blog site where people are put up on the internet thinking they'll get many views like Julie Powell but soon realized their hopes and dreams of sharing the written word with the lives of million will soon be crushed (and yes I got that quote from 'The Proposal'.  I don't see why I should not use it if I cite it!).  Moving on... The dinner was amazing, my sister-in-law made chicken, and mashed potatoes from potatoes that her grandparents (I think) grew themselves.  The potatoes were very delicious.  So was the chicken, I made stuffing, steamed broccoli, a veggie platter, two pies, apple and pumpkin (the pumpkin was made from real pumpkin, I didn't use canned pumpkin.  Now that I think of it, the apple pie was made from scratch too, now that gets me thinking.  What about canned apple? Glech...) and baked some of the pumpkin seeds I got from the pumpkin with seasoning.  I was very full after, but wanted to cook more!  I love having an apron secured tightly around my waist, thinking about what will happen if I add a little less, or a little more, or subsitute for something healthier, or yummier.  I want to pursue this hobby.  I am planning on getting a copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child, Simone Beck, and Louisette Bertholle to borrow until christmas, when I'm hoping someone will get me my OWN copy!  Before I came up into my room to lay on my bed and talk to you all (or none) about my exciting day, I watched two episodes of Julia Child's French Cooking!  She's hilarious!  She first threw a bone onto the counter behind her (klonk, then started hacking at it with a meat cleaver (ooer), then threw a part of celery into the sink (ker-plunk), then to top it all off, she used a blow torch on a apple-crepe dessert! I thought she was great, I think I'm going to be cooking a lot from Julia's cookbook, then I'll go and watch the videos to know how to do it!  I guess I'll turn in for the night, and dream about what adventures tomorrow will bring!

Laters KPeers <3

Thursday, October 20, 2011

When I Thought She Called Me Karen

I realized I really needed to get some sleep about 20 minutes ago when Skye said something I couldn't hear (so I nodded and grunted in response) and I thought she called me Karen instead of Katie.  Get to bed you crazy person.

Heart Me

So guess what.
Yep, You guessed it.
I'm starting a blog.
About what?
My stuff.
And no, not about how short each of my sentences are.
This blog shall be about the wonderful things I experience.
Scratch that.  It is about things that I think of.  A very Important Contributor to this blog will be/is Skye Danler.  She has a blog called Skye's Perspective.  In this blog I will write on the following  subjects; Cooking, Baking, Drawing, Writing, and other Weirds (Weirds are what we call posts).
Let me tell you a few things about me.
Im fun.
Check out my "About Me" page for more.  See you later KPeers (what we call the people who comment/view/like my blog)
Heart me.