Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm bringing sexy back.

Mmm, yes. So today I was hanging around the house.
is what happened a few days ago, why I havn't been blogging recently.
He is 3 1/2 years old, named MAL.  He's completely BLACK. With green eyes.
Aight, KPeers.
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Sunday, November 6, 2011


Today I am going to be getting a black cat.
Yes, I know that's dangerous.
We're driving all the way to VERMONT. A four hour drive.
Fun eh?
We're embarking right now.

I mean, more appropriately,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

One down, Three to go.

I've recently finished Twilight. The Turkey is in the oven for tonight's family dinner, and I'm moving on.
New Moon has a few interesting aspects about it.  First, there's the back. Quote.
"I knew we were both in mortal danger.
Still, in that instant, I felt well.  Whole.
I could feel my heart racing in my chest,
the blood pulsing hot and fast through my veins again.
My lungs filled deep with the sweet scent that came off his akin.
It was like there had never been any hole in my chest.
I was perfect --- not healed, but as if
there had never been a wound in the first place."
Well now.
If THAT didn't invite you in then you must hate puppies and the whole spectrum of human emotion.
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Some of you may be aware that I am going to see Breaking Dawn on Nov. 17! WOOT WOOT.
So I have embarked on a journey to take me to lands far beyond imagination.
Not really though, I'm not going to be venturing much farther than my living room couch snuggled up with hot cocoa desperately filling my head with information about the wonderful world THAT I DON'T LIVE IN.
C'mon, everybody gets caught up in the moment.  So what I'm fearlessly ranting on about is the Twilight Saga.
I said it right.
I'm reading ALL the Twilight books before I see Breaking Dawn.  Ambitious, yes.  Realistic... Of course not.
Comments? I want some.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Tonight I made itilian risotto.
Fine, it was from a package.
I also made "English Muffins Pizzas" with pepperoni, orange pepper and tomato topping.  After I made dinner for Mom (the Risotto) I looked into getting a ticket for Breaking Dawn; Part One, and my Mom said I could go.  WOOHOO!

I'm rereading Twilight because I kinda crapped out on it the first time, I watched the movie when I was in the middle of the book. Agh!

Starting the book now, Wish me luck!